Refusal of Entry

Any person arriving in Maldives maybe refused entry, if the Immigration officer during questioning or interviewing the passenger

  • Have reasonable grounds (not necessarily solid proof) that the person is carrying fraudulent travel documents.
  • Suspects the apparent intention to the possible disruption of harmony and unlawful activities.
  • Has strong anti-semantic religious or political vie

Caution: The right to refuse an entry lies at the discretion of the Immigration and not as a right to claim entry.

Removal from Maldives
Any person staying in Maldives could be removed from Maldives immediately if the person concerned is:

  • Found working on a Tourist Visa
  • Found participating in any unlawful activity or even the intention to participate or initiate an unlawful activity
  • Suspected of disrupting the religious or political harmony
  • Reported to have become a public nuisance
  • Found with expired stay permit
  • Found with expired Work Permit